At Fanta Mix event, Jinwoo was spotted wearing Casely Hayford White Kinglands Skate Printed T-shirt. The t-shirt is available on HYPEBEAST Online Store for $150.


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Seungri appeared in Starcast with his best brother ever, Taeyang. He was wearing ‘Kenzo White Cloud Print Cooton Shirt’. The shirt was available on LYST for $239 (but now sold out).

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At Gimpo Airport yesterday, Sandara was spotted wearing ‘D.TT.K Border Tee/BLK’. The tee is available on D.TT.K on’ine store for $222.

Photo Source: Newsen

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G-Dragon was wearing ‘JUUN.J Youth Tee in White’ and Ambush Design ‘Classic Chain 3 Necklace’ and ‘Classic Chain 1 Necklace’ during Hite Jinro new fliming at Ocean World. The tee is available for $345 and the necklaces are available on Ambush Design online store for $590 and $802.

Photo Source: MBN Star

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Dara went to Sung Woo Jung Ah concert with Marshall Bang and Lee Hi yesterday. She was wearing Nasir Mazhar ‘Sweatshirt with Bead Fringing Sleeves and Lenticular Panel/Black’ and also ‘Box Peak Pencil Cap/Pink Toweling x Black’ from their Sping/Summer 2014 Collection. Both of them can be purchased at WILDSTYLELA for $725 and $248.

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CL was wearing ‘GUNS GERMS $TEAL OSSO HOCKEY JERSEY’. The jersey is available on GUNS GERMS $TEAL Official Store for $189.

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Mino was wearing ‘HALFMAN Big Face Snapback’. The snapback is available on WILDSTYLELA for $70.40


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YG Entertainment’s new formed unit, BOM&HI have released their music video for “All I Want for Christmas is You”. In the MV, Lee Hi was wearing ‘Chloé Polkadot Mesh Tiered Skirt’ from their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. The skirt was available on Lane Crawford for $3,920 but now on sale.

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Dara is rocking SNOB ! She was wearing ‘CLASSY SNOB BIANIE (BLACK)’, ‘CASH ONLY HOODY (BLACK)' and '66 CHECK SHIRTS (NAVY)' by SNOB. All of them are available on lolstreet for $21 $65 and $65.

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Mino was wearing ‘Bowller T.S.D Beanie BLK’. The beanie is available on Bowller Online Store for $33 (35,000 won).

Photo Source: Neverthinks

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